TOP 6 Best Ecommerce Website Hostings with Short Reviews

Selling items online can grow into a profitable business. That’s why it is getting more popular each day, and it’s quite difficult to build up a well-known website for ecommerce. To interest users one has to put a lot of effort into his business and to find that hosting provider which will offer not only the best features for the online shop but also a valuable price for the services. That’s why a person who starts up his online shopping platform ought to be careful while choosing ecommerce web hosting.

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    Best Online Store Website Hostings For Small Business

    These days there are dozens of ecommerce hosting websites which provide different features to their clients. However, some options are much more significant than others. That’s why one has to put at the first place these things:

    • The amount of traffic it provides;
    • The protection of DDoS attacks;
    • An integration with other services and programs which are used in the company;
    • A support service.

    How to choose online store hosting?

    But the most essential factors are speed and reliability. If while reading ecommerce hosting reviews you notice that users write about slow loading of web pages, you should never deal with this provider because you customers will never stay with you if they cannot look at the particular item without any delays.

    Reliability is essential because the lack of this feature means that your personal information is not protected as well as your clients’ data. So, you cannot tell your shoppers that the info about their credit cards won’t be stolen by hackers.

    However, as our team can see there are still dozens of ecommerce hosting sites which offer all these features, and it is not an easy task to choose only one provider. That’s why we have created a list of the cheapest ecommerce hosting platform and can vouch for it because it’s composed after using all of them and reading loads of reviews published by professionals and customers.

    Free ecommerce hosting providers

    According to the users the most beneficial free ecommerce website hosting solutions are:

    • Magento;
    • Strikingly;
    • MyOnlineStore.

    Most of these services provide only a limited number of options for the clients, but all of them will be a great start for those people who only start to create his own business online and don’t have much money for some extra features.


    wordpress ecommerce and google web hosting solutions

    Magento ecommerce hosting is one of the oldest platforms for building and managing online store. This website was developed in 2008 and gained its popularity quickly. The main reason for this is the fact that it can be used not only by professional websites developers but also by individuals who have never created online stores because there is quite a simple interface.

    Moreover, there are lots of helpful free articles for people who are only setting up their first business and don’t know how to start and how to deal with their customers. To make creating and managing your ecommerce website you can join the community of people who have been using Magento for a long period of time and will support you.

    The main feature of Magento is the fact that it offers lots of pre-built templates for the shop. That’s why online store owner shouldn’t think a lot how to create easy but attractive design. However, most of these design solutions are fee-paid. Furthermore, there is not only a free edition but also a more scaled version for people who want to get more features for their shopping platforms.

    However, a paid version is quite pricy, and users have to pay from $1999 to $3999 each month for all features which are provided by this ecommerce hosting website. But if you don’t have many products to sell and thousands of customers living in different parts of the world, you shouldn’t be bothered because a free version is fully enough for you.


    cheapest ecommerce hosting plans

    Strikingly is also one of the most well-known free ecommerce website hosting providers because it’s a great option for a small online store. The hosting specializes in building one-page platforms. It’s an amazing option for those who have only 25 items to sell or less. One can create a website not only for computers but also for smartphones.

    A free version also offers 5GBs each month. Furthermore, you can always ask for a help if they need it because a supporting crew of Strikingly works every day. However, there is one disadvantage, and this is a fact that there will be Strikingly name written in your website. If you don’t want such a feature, you ought to choose one of the paid ecommerce hosting plans. There are 3 of them:

    • Limited ($8 per month);
    • PRO ($16 per month);
    • VIP ($49 per month).

    However, if you are sure that you are going to continue working on your business for a long time, you can save a valuable sum if you pay for several years.


    This is a great google web hosting ecommerce solution if you want to sell products not only in your country but also to people living in other commonwealths. There is an option for translating descriptions of the products. The main languages are French, Danish and Spanish.

    However, one cannot add more than 10 items to the catalogue. The provider offers a basic support on working days within 24 hours response to the user’s request. Furthermore, while creating your website you can use a drag and drop option to delete or add some elements.

    If you have a bigger number of products, you should look at other plans such as:

    • PRO (€24 per month);
    • Premium (€49 per month).

    However, these plans are for bigger online stores with 25000 products or even more.

    Cheap ecommerce hosting providers

    If you have some money for creating a website for your online store, you should pay attention to the list of the cheapest ecommerce hosting providers.

    • GoDaddy;
    • Bluehost;
    • Dreamhost.


    GoDaddy is one of the most enormous WordPress ecommerce hosting services which offers cheap but great features for small businesses owners. The provider collaborates with lots of well-known companies. Moreover, as those who have already used GoDaddy say, support here is fast, and one can subscribe to a regular distribution to receive news and some special offers.

    The hosting website offers to choose from one of the plans such as:

    • Shared hosting (from $2.99 per month);
    • WordPress hosting (from $4.99 per month);
    • Business hosting (from $19.99 per month);
    • VPS hosting (from $29.90 per month);
    • Dedicated hosting (from $89.99 per month).

    If a website owner wants to receive the plan for a lower price, he needs to use some promo codes which are posted by the company.


    Bluehost is also an easy to use service for beginners and those who continue building up their online stores. It has a simple interface and doesn’t demand for any experience from clients. However, if there are any questions about features, the support team will answer quickly.

    But there is also a disadvantage one should be aware of before setting up his online store via Bluehost. Not all plans which are offered by the provider include the data protection. That’s why if you are concerned about your customers information, you should look at Shared option ($7.99 per month). Other plans such as VPS ($29.99 per month) and Dedicated ($119.99 per month) don’t include such an option.


    This is one of the cheapest offers for small businesses. Those who start working with this hosting provider receive a domain name for free for an unlimited period of time. There is also, a free SSL and CloudFlare CON. The program works fast with WordPress. Furthermore, if a user is not fully satisfied with the product, he can return his money in 97 days.

    However, there are some cons such as the lack of telephone support. The only way to contact the manager is to use an online chat.

    There are two plans provided by Dreamhost:

    • Shared Starter (from $4.95 per month);
    • Shared Unlimited (from $10.95 per month).

    The main difference between them is the fact that the second plane allows to create an unlimited number of websites while another one lets to work with only one store. Also with Share Unlimited you can add as many Emails with your domain name as you need.

    If one wants to save money, he has to buy a plan for a year or three.


    To sum up, there are lots of hosting services which can be used in order to create and promote a small online store. An owner doesn’t even have to spend much money on such features. Furthermore, he can even sign up for a free period and to try all services offered by different companies for a limited time.

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